Crystal Metal Pens PN24

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Logo pen is an excellent way to promote a name as the pens now days are widely used all across the world when signing a paper or writing a formal letter to the president. You can use these promotional pens in conferences or in some special events like debates and speeches. Our customized crystal metal pen provides you a wide space to create your logo on it or to put any design according to your requirement. This promotional metal pen with a unique upper body crystal is printable on the body and on the head of it. Printing on the pens is a finest way used for branding which is why we’re giving a variety of printing option on our whole custom pens. You can find these customized crystal pens in various colors. When combining our printing options and your crystal pen, undoubtedly the product is going to go in your customers hands.

Printing options : “Full color UV printing and screen printing”.


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